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1000 Nicollet Mall

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Target T-2188

3401 N Miami Ave.

Miami, FL 33127-3500


Target T-2196    

5601 NW 183rd St.

Miami Gardens, FL 33055-2305


Target T-2022

5800 S University Dr.

Davie, FL 33328-6102


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To whom it may concern,

I was the victim of a credit card fraud committed at 3 of your target stores in the Miami area two evenings ago. A perpetrator, female, committed three acts of theft against YOU (not me, YOU, yet I am the only victim here) using your organization’s either a) complete lack of policy regarding credit card purchase of gift cards, or b) lack of enforcement of those policies by your stores.

Again, the attacker was a female, using my credit card number (I am male, and my name is Michael), was able to purchase gift cards at one store (Target T-2188 in Miami Central) at 8:38 pm on November 7th, 2015 for 500 dollars worth of Target Gift Cards without being asked to provide any ID whatsoever, then go from there to another store (Target T-2196 in Miami Lakes) at 9:30 on the same evening and purchase ANOTHER 500 dollars worth of Target Gift Cards, and THEN go to ANOTHER of your stores (Target T-2022 in Davie, Florida) and purchase another 1500 dollars (yes, you read that correctly, FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!) worth of Target Gift Cards from you. So, she absconded with 2500 dollars worth of stolen goods from your stores, never having been asked for an ID.

How do I know it was a woman using Michael’s (again, that’s me) card? Well, I spoke to the Asset Protection person in charge at each of the stores on Sunday evening (November 8th, 2015). They were quite understanding and seemed quite appalled, and I appreciate their help. In one of the stores, the person helped me greatly by searching and finding the transaction, then finding the security footage of the actual purchase. He told me she was female, that my name was on the transaction, and that she was not asked for ID. He was appalled. I am not going to leave names here just in case something like that could get them in trouble, but they were a great help, at least to my peace of mind knowing that SOMEONE at your organization gives a shit about security. Obviously not where it can actually be stopped, but he (and one other store’s AP person) cared, and that went a long way.

Now, I have purchased gift cards in the past at another store, and when I did, they actually REQUIRED that I NOT use credit to complete the transaction. I HAD to use debit. I am certain that you could be doing the same and removing a HUGE amount of liability from your organization, which could GREATLY reduce the cost of your fraud insurance and your direct cost of enforcement.

The biggest question here is: why was she not asked for ID? Either one of two things happened here. The first possibility is that your systems do require ID, and the cashier simply dismissed that prompt on the screen because they are either lazy or complicit, which means that the cashier should be immediately terminated. The second possibility would be that there is no interlock requiring the presence of an ID, in which case you are DIRECTLY complicit in the theft due to lack of industry standard procedures.

Look, I am not a wealthy man and I can truly not afford this inconvenience. I now have to plunder my savings to make my mortgage payment, which is the only reason there was so much in my checking in the first place.

But here is the point: You are an organization with an integrity problem. I am a military veteran, and was taught as a part of my training about the importance of INTEGRITY. It is the idea that you will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. This incident, in addition to your massive breach a few years ago (of which I was a victim as well in simply the fact that I cancelled all of my credit cards and went through the huge inconvenience of that), has shown me that you do not have policies in place to demonstrate that you care about integrity or security.

Please assure me that you do. I will get back this 2500, minus a few bucks and a few overdraft fees, and a few low balance “service charges” from my bank I am sure, but that 2500 bucks will most certainly not be spent at your stores this Christmas season if I don’t think I can trust you.

Hell, just prove to me you read this letter and I will be impressed.

You have a problem to fix, Target.

Michael Mayle

48 E Riding Dr.

Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003